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My name is Yogi Nataraj. Welcome to my website.

I am a Author, Healer, Yoga teacher and spiritual counselor. Take me as your dear friend.  My goal is to empower everyone to achieve their goals so as to lead a happier life.

We are all blissful people and we need by the help of proper tools rediscover ourselves and experience the spiritual bliss. This blissful experience once achieved remains with us forever.

We offer courses on Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, Cooking and self-healing. You can click below to learn more and book a slot.

Cleansing Retreat Oct 27-Sep 1

With Gaura Nataraj  and Sundari Dasi

Ayurveda and Diet expert. We will guide you through a beautiful Detox and rejuvenation program. Sign up for online program or sign up for a free consultation

Gaura Nataraj Das

Yoga Philosophy 101

one on one

Sign up for online classes, On yoga Philosohy, Online Therapy, Meditation Classes.

Gaura Nataraj Das

Online Guided Meditation

Sign up for our Online guided meditation, Trauma therapy, Relaxation Therapy.

Gaura Nataraj Das


Full Chart, Marriage Matching, Prasna,

Questions regarding Health, Finances, Children we do a  full report

Gaura Nataraj Das

Yoga Teacher Training

Our full certified 200 HR Yoga teacher training dates to be announced soon

Gaura Nataraj Das

Yoga and Pilgrimage tours

Our Yoga and pilgrimage tours to India, Bahamas, Hawaii etc. Dates to be announces soon.

Gaura Nataraj Das

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