Corporate yoga

Team Building, Confidence, Energy & Balance

Our corporate yoga program

"Yoga is the art of doing work" - The Bhagavad-Gita

Three mantras to success ~

Concentration of mind, Persistent effort and Grace of God

By applying principles of yoga and slight changes in diet and lifestyle we can maximize our efficiency and be a good team player.

A car runs on four wheels. Wheel balancing allows the cars to move smoothly. Therefore it is important to balance ourselves with the overall institution, colleges and team-mates to get the best out of ourselves as well.

Our 1 Day Corporate Yoga workshop will include

1. Understanding the workings of mind as per yogic texts.

2. Understanding principles of bonding and relationship.

3. Working in synergy and team.

4. Balancing passion and compassion.

Session 1  ( 1 Hour PPt presentation, 20 mins Q and A)

1. Yogic and ayurvedic view of body and mind : This talk explores how our mind works in synergy with our desires and intelligence. The intricacy of desires. How our mind creates misunderstanding and hence obstacles. How our lifestyle and background affects us.

Session 2 (1 hour PPt Presentation, 20 mins Q and A)

2. Principles of relationship as in yogic scriptures : Principles of healthy interaction will be presented. Principles of forgiveness, compassion and silence. How these principles help us build teams and make the workplace into a nice family.









Session 3 (Practice 2 hours, 20 min Q and A)

3. Practice of principles : Practical call on applying principles of yoga. This session includes Asanas, Pranayama, Visualization, Chakra Meditation, Yoga Nidra Healing . The asana pracitices improve the efficiency of the body. We will also dive deeper into diet basics for "you are what you eat". Eating defines the state of your body and mind.

We will also discuss and practice how to maintain a state of clarity of mind and focused intelligence can help us overcome mental obstacles.

Session 4 (Personal application for daily life,  1 hour interactive session)

4. This session will explore how we can explore and apply these principles in our daily life. Very personalized exercises.

This experience leaves its participants with a wider sense of synchrony and belonging with people, the world and cosmos; the recognition of the life force we all carry on and share with everything. This includes sharing, caring and team building.

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