This Vedic Astrology course Module-1 consists

1. Understanding the Vedic Calendar - Vaishnava calendar

The Vaishnava Calendar or Panchanga has 5 parts. Tithi (Day of the month), Vara (Day of the week), Nakshatra (Star of the Day), Yoga and Karana (The auspicious times). You will learn all these in detail to determine good times for activities like marriage, investing in properties, To start a new venture etc


2. Grahas - The planets and their effects : Each planet has a particular effect on us good and bad according to our previous Karma. We will be able to understand the effect of each planet and how to read them.

3. Nakshatras - The meaning and effect of 27 stars. There are 27 stars in the astronomical system. Each star is movable, fixed, stable or unstable. This helps us deterimine the basic character of a person and also helps us select proper auspicious days for stable activities.

4. The 12 Zodiac signs: In this section you will study the basics of all zodiac signs which will help you study a person based on the zodiac sign.

5. How to cast a horoscope: How a horoscope is cast ? If we understand the horoscope casting properly then we can understand the effects. The 12 houses, their characteristics and effects.

6. Bonus : We will do your horoscope reading in a one on one session and study your horoscope personally and help you determine your future. $108 value included in the study.




Vedic Astrology Course Module-1 (Early Bird till dec 14th)


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